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Improve Your Trading Strategy in Two Minutes or Less

Believe it not, improving your overall trading strategy in both the traditional securities and exchange marketplaces as well as in FX trading doesn’t necessarily take years of practice. Within two minutes or less, you can quickly reinforce particular elements of your overall approach, ensuring that you are more likely to reap the lucrative financial rewards you seek.


In foreign exchange, or FX, trading, one of the most powerful indicators of future market behaviour is the SSI, or Speculative Sentiment Index. Developed by polling the ratio of how many FXCM traders have adopted long and short positions on each major pair, this index can provide a myriad of powerful information for casual traders looking for a heads-up on future market swings.


If the SSI is a positive number, meaning that there are currently more retail buyers than sellers in the marketplace, it’s best to look for trading signals to sell. If the SSI falls into negative territory, it’s best to look for trading signals to buy.


Another effective indicator is the risk:reward ratio. Studies have shown that many traders incur financial loss in the marketplace simply because they sell lucrative positions too early and hold onto losing positions for extended durations when they should be selling. In order to create a positive risk:reward ratio in your own personal FX portfolio, it is advised that individuals set their limits at least twice as far as their stop losses. Although this isn’t a sure-fire guarantee of success, it may help create a more target-rich environment for ambitious FX traders.


Although it’s easy to get swept up in theories and rhetoric, it is advised that all FX traders practice their new strategies in a simulator environment before adopting leveraged positions. Not only will this offer traders the time and information needed to fine tune their strategies, it will ensure that damaging financial losses are not incurred due to simple, careless mistakes. A number of free FX simulators can be found around the internet, many of which are offered by large exchanges and educational providers. Although veteran traders may not require this type of “practice”, those who are new to FX trading are strongly advised to explore a variety of strategies in the simulator environment.

Can You Make Lots of Money Using Forex With No Experience?

For many investors, the Forex marketplace is a topic of fascination and mystery, due in large part to the fact that this particular world of trading is exponentially larger and more volatile than more traditional exchanges. Individuals who have yet to explore the Forex market often ask themselves, “is this worth my time?” Although there definitely is money to be made here, it’s worth taking the time to learn the basics of the Forex markets before embarking down this path.

One of the most crucial elements of Forex trading is leverage. Essentially, Forex traders earn large profits by temporarily borrowing large sums of money for their trades. In some ways, this is a necessity due to the fact that the amount of money earned per unit of currency traded is typically quite miniscule! Only through these larger trades do Forex brokers reap the rewards they desire. That being said, this type of trading does carry with it an inherent set of risks. Fortunately, recent advancements and development in software technology have allowed investors to gain instant access into a powerful catalogue of information relevant to both their trading pairs as well as the larger Forex climate as a whole. These software packages are an integral element of the successful Forex traders arsenal!

Unlike the more conventional stock exchanges, the Forex markets are unregulated. Typically, deregulation translates into larger growth and potential. It’s interesting to note that, due to the nature of Forex trading, investors can earn profits during periods of both growth and decline! Forex trading provides traders with a new set of “rules” that they can use to build a profitable trading system!

If you’re ready to start earning money in the Forex market, your first step should be to ensure that you have the resources you need to succeed! Education, experience and technology are the three key ingredients of successful Forex trading. Although experience can only be earned on the front lines of the Forex markets, you can easily find the analytic software you need to deliver the information necessary for responsible and educated trading .

An Opportunity To Rule The Market Regardless of Who You Are

Most people like the idea of making money as easily as possible, who wouldn’t? This is why so many try their hand at trading in the Foreign Exchange Market, also known as FOREX, in order to increase their current investments. The problem with this, though, is that achieving success in currency trading involves practice, patience and knowledge.

Around $2 Trillion are traded each day, the market is fast paced and can also change quickly resulting in heavy financial losses. However, for those within the construction business, basic software can indeed help by importing the cost indexes for jobs to ensure the accurate outcome of predicted costs. This tool will give business owners the advantage of keeping up to date with current market prices, therefore making overall comparisons for the involved costs of any sub-contracted work.

The use of a Construction Guestimating Software Package helps to clearly give current costs for different job areas such as: material costs, the estimated length of time in which to carry out the work, along with the cost of sub-contracting out any of the work and much more. The software simply works by connecting to regional databases which are regularly updated in order to keep business owners up to speed with any market changes.

With so many people unaware of the existence of Construction Guestimating Software Packages they are continuing to lose out on valuable income. The tool can help to save expenditure along with the time in which it takes to calculate the costs of certain jobs rather than simply inputting the information straight into the software. The system has been specifically designed for the user, so by keeping up to speed with the both current and future material costs it makes knowing the right time in which to purchase materials more clear from a financial perspective, enabling you to save money.

The system is therefore highly reliable and will help you to trust in your decisions along with any subsequent profit made. By having the ability to quickly calculate projected costs for an individual client’s needs, the system will make it easy to print off the overall estimated costs for the client’s information. This helps to avoid going down the dangerous path of guessing the costs which could ultimately end up costing considerably more than expected.

Key Currency Exchange Rate Forecast

The Pound Sterling was given a helping hand back in August of this year with a welcomed boost from the UK house price market which has increased by an annual 5.5%. The data was released by a survey undertaken by the company Rightmove, it revealed that the average cost of a property had risen by 0.7% from July.

The exchange rate for the GBP can also be affected by recent Public Sector Borrowing Data. It could see the rate drop if the Country has failed to reduce its national debt which would result in a neutral outlook. In early October, the GBP had increased steadily resulting in a 0.40% gain against the Euro, 0.47% against the USD and 0.51% up on the AUD. However a slight dip is expected this month due to the good rates over last two months.

This month on the 25th October the market will be waiting in anticipation for the release of the GDP figures. The Gross Domestic Product shows a country’s economical growth, with the UK’s figures from Q2 up 0.6% from Q1. It is expected that there will once again be an increase but should there be an unexpected drop instead this could result in the Pound taking a tumble. Anybody looking to make a currency transfer without the possible risk can safely buy your currency before the figures are released later this month.

The Euro is possibly set to see an increase this month but probably won’t hit the much wanted 1.20 just yet. This is expected to be the result of figures being released by Eurozone Trade balance figures to factory orders and the consumer price figures for Germany.

The USD has been very volatile this year, and has been coming up weak against the GBP. This month could however see the USD strengthen with the release of the Federal Reserve minutes. This could result in the GBP taking a slight dive if FED tapering is mentioned. This means that anyone wishing to exchange pounds to dollars after this release could get a worse deal.

Recent rates for the AUD have consistently been between 1.68 to 1.74%, and looks set to stay within this range. The Australian dollar could potentially take a big dip if soon to be released figures come out negatively for the country. Estimated rates for early to mid October are thought to be around 1.69/1.72.

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What to avoid when buying your foreign currency for your holiday

Travelling abroad inevitably means you will need to exchange your pound sterling into the currency of your chosen destination. Many holiday makers forget to consider all the available options to ensure the best exchange rate for their money.

Many travellers exchange their holiday money at their local foreign exchange bureau, but what this option doesn’t show you is if you could get a better rate elsewhere. In today’s competitive market you can also purchase your chosen currency online, the advantage of this option is the ease at which you can compare all available rates in one place and opt for the best one for you.

Unfortunately many people fall into simple traps that ultimately take advantage of a holiday maker’s poor planning. One such trap is purchasing your currency with the use of a credit card. With the average UK adult owning approximately three such cards it is no wonder that so many people make this mistake. Because purchasing your foreign currency in this way is in fact classed as a cash advance from your provider, you will find yourself slapped with an unexpected cash advance charge. It is worth noting that this service is not free of charge and you could certainly benefit from purchasing through an alternative means.

Travelling to another country inevitably brings about that long list of important things to organise, but one thing you shouldn’t overlook is leaving the exchange of your holiday money until the last minute. Exchange rates at the airport are notoriously known to be the worst on the market. The reason for this is that they are targeting a specific audience, the one that has no option but to purchase at a rate that could be up to 10% lower than at a city centre branch, so always make sure you purchase in advance.

It’s very easy to exchange more money than we will actually need during our time away, and sometimes this might be a safe option. You should always consider the buy back rate which can often be at a lower rate than you originally exchanged your money for. If you are intending to take out more than you are likely to spend then look around for a service that offers to buy back at the original price.

So try to keep up to date with the current exchange rates and no the market’s movements. Shop around for the best deal available, budget your money and always buy in advance of the airport to ensure you get the best deal.

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