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VINIT provides an array of product add-ons that can ensure a smooth-running business. Tweak your money transfer and exchange software to gain a competitive advantage. Check here to learn more…

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Digital Displays

VINIT Digital Display

Digital advertising helps you get a competitive advantage over your competitors. Take your advertising efforts to a whole new level with VINIT’s Digital Display. Your digital advertising efforts can provide you with an effective communication medium. If the ultimate goal of your business is to gain exposure and market to a larger audience, digital advertising will benefit your business the most.

The world dynamics are changing and with the modernization of the world, everything digital is accepted as the norm. There was a time when print media reigned over the marketing world, but that era is soon going obsolete. Digital advertising is slowly taking over and if you want to stay relevant, this is the fastest route.

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VINIT Digital Display is a well-tailored product for all our high street clients. Use the flexible option of digital technology to deliver to your target audience. You can connect the displays to the main platform and manage centrally which saves you money and the time.

Mobile App For Agents & End Customers

Send and receive money with our mobile app. Gain and retain customers is a key to a successful business and VINIT understands the struggle. To ensure you stay at the top and always have a competitive advantage, VINIT has included an array of helpful features in the mobile app. We can white label the mobile apps for you, the mobile app can assist your business reel in the right clients. Your money transfer platform can reap the benefits of a mobile app that’s the hub of convenience for your agents and end customers.  

The mobile app is available for agents and end customers, making sure they can send and receive money from anywhere in the world. 

Security is an important aspect of the digital world today and VINIT has taken strict measures to ensure your security. The mobile app uses encryption to protect their account information. The system also monitors their account activity to help identify unauthorized transactions. VINIT Mobile apps provide a complete solution for your money transfer operation.    

Compliance Platform & API

We understand that the nature of money exchange and transfer businesses requires some stringent regulatory measures. To make this possible and exceed the level of trust of our clients, VINIT provides a compliance engine with our money exchange and remittance platforms. You can use this as a module of the application or we can provide this as a separate platform which you can connect any other platform via an API

Our team at VINIT understands the importance of complying with FSA and EU regulations. In addition to that, we have integrated  OFAC, HM Treasury, Sweden, Norwegian and Australian sanction databases to the system.

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