We are an UK based software development company dedicated to delivering tailor made solutions specific to your product or service’s needs.

With our experienced software development specialists we can provide you with a product that’s made to the highest quality to suit any budget. Our team comes highly skilled with advanced knowledge of the latest development tools, and equipped with the latest technology we can provide you with a solution custom-made to your needs.

While most other software development services mix projects amongst its teams, our policy of a dedicated team for each project ensures that all your needs are covered and that the final product is exactly what you’re looking for. In addition, if you choose so, our agile project management system ensures that your solution will be tested multiple times to make sure the final product runs without a hitch.

What's more, once the final product is released, our excellent customer support can provide you with the reassurance you need for the smooth running of your new system. We provide our services and support no matter the time and with our offshore development team, your costs will be kept to a minimum ensuring that you get the best for your budget.

VinIT: We are dedicated, efficient, and reliable and can give you the solution you’ve been searching for so go ahead and give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you!

Quality of the products

"Quality of a product is satisfied customer" and this is the basic team on any product or service industry. At VinIT Solutions we believe that happy customer is always required for a sustainable business.

So we always make sure all our products meet the required quality standards before them reach the customer.

VinIT solutions using Agile software development method and within the process quality is taken care of.

Within the process

  • Development complete with Unit Tests for each component.
  • QA Done with Automated Integration Tests.
  • Each story meets Acceptance Test criteria.
  • Documentation Done along with updates to Wiki.
  • Ensure there are no critical issues at end of iteration.
  • Set organization wide code coverage metrics that all teams adhere to.
  • Monitor number of defects found by the Quality Assurance team and by the Customers (UAT).
  • Monitor regression test results for every fix being delivered - this should be almost negligible if unit tests are implemented correctly.