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Online trading has become very popular among the new generation looking few years back. If save time, cost effective and most importantly the item are only few clicks away. When it’s come to Foreign exchange, most of the Money exchanges offer various services such as Click and collect (order only and collect from the nearest branch), Business delivery and Royal Mail secure delivery when ordering foreign currency via online. The process is very simple, less time consuming and hassle free comparing to traditional method where walking to money exchange bureau (MSB) spent time in queues, walking MSB to MSB to find a better rate and require stock.

Since online exchange plays a key role in money service business it’s important to connect web service with back office to reduce the manual works which use to handle before. VinIT Solution identifies the importance of the service integration and provides number of integration services via web site.

Our services are


1. Automatic rate update

Most of the money service business provides

Money exchange and Money transfer in       

branch and via web service. But the transaction

rate may vary depend on the service and competition

in the market.  It’s very important to keep regular

update on the web site during the market fluctuation

to maintain the competition with other competitors.

In order to perform regular updates will require

lots of man power.  Using the Money Exchanger product

users can maintain multiple exchange sheets in the web

 site without any manual process. 



rate update




2. KYC (Know your customer)

Customer relationship is the key factor in any kind

of business. In Money exchange industry it’s a key

 point to know whom you’re dealing with to prevent

money laundering activities. The practice will become

very harder to track when you have more than one

branch and also online service. Using the money 

 the money exchanger web service you can overcome

 that issue by integrating the online customer module

to Money exchanger. Once the customer perform 

any sort transaction using web service that will be 

automatically synchronise with the money exchanger

 once the transaction been proceed by the back

 end staff. Hence if customer try to perform another

transaction via different branch the cashier can be

able monitor any sort of transaction which customer

done over 24h period.