Software Support

VinIT Solutions can serve you with all the support you need to ensure that you have a trouble-free experience with all your VinIT developed applications and third-party applications. With our high level of service, we can take care of the risk you bear to give you one less thing to worry about.

In-House Built Software Support

Our main aim is to be efficient and keep your running costs down while giving you the absolute best in service. Our expert team guarantees flexibility and can deal with urgent matters immediately. With our adaptable resourcing model and responsive staff, your business risk is greatly reduced ensuring a smooth service to your clients. Our processes and training give customer service and effective communication high priority thereby giving you the chance to focus on other aspects of your business. Thus with our expertise and knowledge, we make sure to provide you with a consistently high level of support at minimum overall cost to you.

Third-Party System Support and Support Process

Our team, with their years of experience, can provide you with the support you need even if your system may not be a VinIT product. Our wide scope of knowledge allows us to mitigate your risk and give you a trouble-free experience with your system by giving you the third party support you may require.

Our support process involves focusing on improving and keeping your product up to date while at the same time giving you a responsive and cost-effective service.

Support Model

Here at VinIT, we offer flexible models for your supports needs, each one customised to you and your product. We offer application support in the following ways:

  • Fixed Term Support – We provide you with support for a pre-agreed specific time period
  • Fixed Price Support – We provide you with support for a fixed time period at a fixed price
  • On Demand Support – We provide you with support on demand whenever required

If you require round-the-clock support, we offer out-of-hours support to ensure your system has all it requires to run without a hitch. Go ahead and call us! We’d be happy to tailor a response plan according to your exact requirements. No big commitments and no long term contracts!